What is Cloud Computing?

The term cloud computing is used as an imagery to refer to the internet based representation of a cloud like drawing of computers and interrelated infrastructure that have been linked so as to enable central data storage of all subscribed computers. Basically, cloud computing is relatively a new technology that is delivering computing and storage space as a service to an interconnected heterogeneous end-users.

what is cloud computing

In this concept, the recipients of the storage services entrusts the service provider with their data, software, and computation over a network. They access the cloud-based application via a web browser or a light weight desktop or a mobile app while the business software and related data is stored up at a secure remote location.


The concept has been a buzzword in the corporate world in the recent past, but now things are slowly changing. This new concept is slowly gaining a warm embrace from among the skeptic blue-chip companies even in the third world countries.

This new technology is redefining how data is being stored, and hence is helping the corporate reconfigure and invest in data storage technology-doing away with the un reluctance of expensive upfront capital sinking in high-end servers and related hardware, software licenses; as well as the maintenance and support of coherent operational costs. This has gone long a way in heavily cutting –down infrastructural expenditure on the budgets of the corporate and is huge hailed as the source of the rooftop profits being announced by the companies!



With cloud computing, corporations have radically managed to transform their data storage departments without huge budget allocations real-time without rigorous time that was required in doing so formerly; which included setting up, configuring, and deploying new systems. This was a pipe dream in the previous IT models, but now that things are different it’s easier and convenient to innovate and increase revenue.

According to one of the leading Global IT research firm, cloud computing has abilities of being scalable and elastic. This is a paramount characteristic of the technology as it gives a leverage to firms to scale up or down with much ease.

CLOUDE COMPUTING-service models

The cloud computing offers their service according to three basic models:

  • Infrastructure as a service (Iaas)-here clients receives virtual machines: raw storage, fire walls, load balances, and a network all supplied on demand from the service providers’ data centers.
  • Platform as a service (saas) – in this model cloud service providers install and operate application software in the cloud and their clients accesses the service from the cloud.
  • Lastly we have cloud clients-here the users have to access the cloud computing using client devices, such as desktops ,laptops and smartphones.


As data centers, infrastructure and software are fired into the cloud, business and corporate executives need to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the data is secure. This being the case, companies are only smoking into the sky what they consider less important and holding on tightly to what is perceived important in their traditional IT environmental set-up. This is majorly due to concerns on the security of the resources in the cloud.

Security uncertainties have prompted efforts towards the establishment of governance to guide cloud computing. The business and IT management is not being left out as it has also set rules and regulations around the new technology. Open clouds that will not be well walled from security threats or have unclear governance models will have little benefit to companies that have to comply with governance and industry requirements.


Just like any other way of doing things, the new technology in the corporate world has left the CEOS grappling with the question of data security in the cloud, business continuity and the perceived loss of control over their data. This are the bedrock of their companies hence they heads have a difficult time on choosing whether to adopt the new technology or not; as losing the most important corporate assets is a heard off.

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10 Responses to "What is Cloud Computing?"

  1. Leo from Accountant Salary says:

    I particularly like cloud computing because I can access my data anywhere in the world and don’t have to worry about losing it when my computer goes down, which it sometimes does when it gets older. Of course, the disadvantage is that anyone can potentially access it as well, and you can’t get at it if you don’t have an Internet connection, such as on an airplane.
    Leo@Accountant Salary recently posted..Additional Accountant JobsMy Profile

  2. Christopher from SparkWiz says:

    Cloud storage services are really awesome. And having some thing in cloud really makes us feel free when we worry about viruses and worms…

  3. John Ernest says:

    Cloud storage is the best external storage option that you could have. With the physical component of your data safely stored at another facility, tucking away your data from all possible physical harm such as weather and wear, this makes Cloud storage services a great way to back-up your data. But you do have to pay for a bigger storage space at cloud storage providers.

  4. Hafeez Ansari from Web Design says:

    Although many people are writing about cloud computing and storage. It’s hard to come by experienced people on this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks
    Hafeez Ansari@Web Design recently posted..How to delete a typical background behind the pictureMy Profile

  5. phone words says:

    I’m doing a research paper about how cloud computing effects graphic designers and I need as much information about that as I can get. Please and Thank you!!

  6. Georgina from Safehouse says:

    Cloud is just the new buzz word but its the same as normal storage apart from its can be hosted across multiple servers and it backed up really well.

  7. Jasmine says:

    Good introduction to cloud computing and related technologies. I also have done some research in cloud computing and have put up a couple of articles on my website… just to share.

  8. This cloud computing is indeed impressive. As a service to an interconnected heterogeneous end-users. Best reason why we always use this.

  9. ray from custom pc says:

    interesting to read about the state of mind that organisations have in reference to using the cloud….the trust in these services is still not as prevalent as one would think as their use is sometimes hindered by the worry of security being compromised…

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