Tips To Print To PDF In Windows

Seems like Windows have no interest in the documentation of PDF files and worried about their own Microsoft Office only. In windows 8 also they haven’t provided the support for printing to PDFs. But you all don’t worry as we are going to tell you some fairly easy way to do so. One way is, and trust us it’s the easiest way, Install a free PDF printer, or the other way is to use the support provided in various programs.




Let us discuss what other ways are there to print PDF in your home computer or a locked computer where you can use different softwares for it.

Install a PDF Printer

Windows supports that prints to Microsoft’s XPS File Format other than including a PDF printer. But still by using a print Dialogue, you can print PDFs by installing a PDF Printer. It will be added in your printers list as a new virtual printer. It will not print any physical document instead a new PDF file will be created everytime you print any document to PDF printer.

Finding any free PDF printer online will not be a hectic task, still we suggest you to use free CutePDF writer, which is way too simple to install and will start working when it is done.

Use a Program’s built-in PDF Export

Seeing the lack of this feature in windows, many programs have pre-installed this PDF writing in their softwares:

· Google Chrome: The procedure is: Click the MENU button and go for PRINT option. Click the change button there and save it as PDF.

· MS Office: The procedure is: Click MENU and select EXPORT. Then click CREATE PDF/XPS Document.

· LibreOffice: The Procedure is: Open the MENU and select EXPORT the file as PDF.

So, in short to create PDF we have the options like, ‘Export TO PDF’, ‘Save to PDF’ or from the Print dialogue. If you don’t understand all these than simply install a free PDF printer.



Print to XPS and Convert it to PDF

There are some locked computers where you can’t install any software on, but still have an option to print to the Microsoft XPS document Writer printer to create a new XPS document. And after this, we will tell you how to convert it to PDF.

Use the following method to convert the XPS document into PDF format:

· Online Converter: There are many free web-based converter like XPSTOPDF etc. which converts you XPS format to PDF. But don’t take a chance if your data is sensitive or important.

· PDF Printer: Bring the XPS format to any computer having PDF printer installed. Use Microsoft’s XPS viewer to open the XPS format file. Then go to MENU and select PRINT option. You will find your virtual printer there, selecting which your XPS file will be converted to PDF format.

Problem with Adobe’s PDF printer

When you attempt to print web pages from Mozilla or any other web browsers using this software, the browser will freeze or lock, after the pop up box of “Where/What to file print to.” This problem can be solved by disabling the ‘prompt for filename’ option in its preference.

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