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Actually, there are several ways on how to earn money on YouTube. But it’s not as easy as you think. You’ll have to be precise in doing all these ways. Take for example, one way of earning money on YouTube is by uploading videos. But again, it’s not as easy as you think. It takes time, patience, and pure luck to get it through. Let’s put it this way, if you’re uploading video, you must consider that your video is a remarkable one, and it’s original, and not something that has been copied from other source. The uploaded video should capture the interest of YouTube users, and it has to have numerous views or comments from users. YouTube reserves the right to reject videos which are in accord to their rules and standards are accepted, and it’s worth to note that not all videos that you upload on YouTube will get pay off, as I’ve said; your uploaded videos must be remarkable.

First and foremost, before you can get a hold of the several ways on how to earn money on YouTube, you must first create a YouTube account. From there, you can now start working on it.


Here are the steps on how to make money on YouTube by uploading videos;

Before you consider uploading videos in YouTube, you must have a video that is original, if not, you have the permission of the one who created the video to use the video in your credit, and the content of the video must not be inappropriate for children.

1. Make a remarkable video. In order to have a great video, one must not only consider the content of the video, rather, consider also the quality of the video. Edit the video to make it as good as possible. If it needs to be a long video, then, so be it, otherwise, make it short.

2. Upload the video to YouTube. Give it a nice and catchy title that is relevant to the video.

3. After uploading the video to YouTube, you’ll just have to wait. You have to regularly check your inbox coz YouTube will communicate with you through it. A message from YouTube with the subject line ‘apply for revenue sharing for your video’ (title of your video), that if, your video will do well in the rating.

4. Afterwards, you are now eligible to apply for YouTube’s partner program. If your application will be rejected, you can re-apply not shorter than 2 months.

5. Be patient. YouTube will review you video, and will decide whether your application will be considered or not. YouTube will base the result of your application on the video you submitted. This usually takes up to 2 weeks. So be patient.

6. If application is considered, you will then need to create a Google AdSense account and linked it to your YouTube account. This is how YouTube will pay you for your video. YouTube will pay you once your video makes $100.

7. From there, if everything goes well along the process, you’ll get your first pay check, and so on…

Hope you will be able to earn more and more at youtube. :-) Share your thoughts.

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12 Responses to "Make Money on YouTube"

  1. Thomas from Techwork says:

    Hi Rashmi
    YouTube is something that I have not been focusing much on in the past. I think that it takes a lot of time to create good quality videos that someone wants to see. However I now that I should get on with it, because I always search for videos whenever I want to figure something out myself. To be able to make money on it on the same time would for sure be awesome.
    Thomas@Techwork recently posted..What is an ISO file?My Profile

  2. Vipin says:

    Nice article. I always wonder that how many views does one video needs to have to get a mail from google?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

  3. Sarah says:

    YouTube is very popular social media site to upload video and to increase traffic. I have bot been focusing on YouTube. Traffic is must to make money online.

  4. As you already mention Rashmi, unfortunately it is quite hard to make some (decent) money on YouTube.
    I think it is more difficult from AdSense or any other advertisement network. If you have much time to invest and a really great video maybe you can get some results.
    I think the best way to make money using YouTube is indirect. You can promote your money sites using educational videos and try to get more clients and leads.

  5. Brain from website designer says:

    This is effective information that earning through YouTube. I had little knowledge about earning with YouTube but I was aware from advance information. It’s good to share any unique, original and interesting video on YouTube and get money. Thanks for great information.
    Brain@website designer recently posted..What is web widgets and how it is beneficial in website development?My Profile

  6. Searching for Happy from Spinach Chips Recipe says:

    I’ve been tempted to move into youtube videos for income.

    I know a few people doing it. They’re not making any fortunes, but they are getting a half decent income for some fun work.
    Searching for Happy @ Spinach Chips Recipe recently posted..Happy Thoughts of the Day: New Challenges and Unexpected AlliesMy Profile

  7. Ivandesign from webagency says:

    I’ve been using youtube for a while as a traffic source, never thought that you could even make some money. I will try to apply for the partner program. thanks for the info!

  8. Pavan Somu from Geeky Stuff says:

    If once the YouTube Partner Program is activated, no need to stop to withdraw money. Al the thing is we need to have a own copyright videos.
    Pavan Somu @ Geeky Stuff recently posted..Best Sites To Create Facebook TimelineMy Profile

  9. Leslie Edwards from how to produce music says:

    In order to make good money with youtube though, you have to market your videos so they get popular. No views = no money
    Leslie Edwards@how to produce music recently posted..Learn How To DJ: Live TipsMy Profile

  10. Kimsea says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am really interested in YouTube. I heard that now YouTube reach 1 million monthly Active User. Using YouTube is nothing bad, we can make money directly with channel or we drive up traffic and make money with indirect benefit of YouTube.
    Kimsea recently posted..How YouTube Videos Marketing Important Social Media StrategyMy Profile

  11. 6pm coupons says:

    Nice post Rashmi,
    Every one want to make money online through youtube,etc.But it is some more difficult but not impossible.Your uploaded video is should be unique and remarkable,it never hurts any one.Then you will get success.

  12. David Abbot from how to dj says:

    You do need good videos though to make money. People won’t share and like videos if your videos suck and that = less people watching = less views = less money
    David Abbot@how to dj recently posted..It’s All About The MusicMy Profile

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