How to Make Money on HubPages?

Hubpages is a free online space where you can share your views, opinions, insights, facts, etc…, with everyone in the globe. Not only that, you can make really good money out of it. Hubpages was launched in August of 2006 with an initial investment of $2 million dollars. As of the moment, Hubpages is on the top 50 most visited site on the internet. Over the years, Hubpages has increased in terms of web traffic.


Hubpages allows anyone to write on anything that’s in accord to the standards set by Hubpages. General topics includes art design, auto, books, literature and writing, business and employment, education and science, entertainment and media, family and parenting, fashion and beauty, food and cooking, games, toys and hobbies, gender and relationship, health, holidays and celebration, home, tutorials, finance, pets and animals, social and political issues, religion and philosophy, sports and recreation, technology, travel and places, etc…, you name it, you can write about it, as long as you are not in contradiction to the set standards of hubpages, you can go for it.

Just like any other affiliate marketing, Hubpages doesn’t only gives you the opportunity to share your views, opinions, insights, facts, etc… to millions of people, it also gives you the opportunity to earn money big time.

So, how do we do this? First of all, you need to sign up to hubpages.com. From there, you can start creating hubs (webpages – articles, videos, photos, etc…). Anyone who creates a hub is termed as a hubber.

Now, let’s get back to money making on Hubpages. As affiliate marketing works, for every view of the hub (webpage), it will generate web traffic in which it will be converted into affiliate sales. Now, think about this. If your hub (webpages) has good quality content, your webpage will have a higher rank in the SEO, and will have more possibility of being view, thus, you’ll have a great change of earning big time.

This is one of the most important things to consider when engaging in affiliate marketing such as hubpages.com and other affiliate marketing scheme. The quality of your hub (webpage) will determine your success in this field. If your hub (webpage) has poor quality content, it will be the last on the list in the SEO, worst comes to worst it will not appear in the SEO.

Another thing to consider is the title of your hub (webpage). In order to get people’s attention and click through your hub (webpage), you must consider creating a catchy title, because if your title doesn’t ignite the users mind and will not keep them wondering what in it, even if you have a good quality content hub (webpages)the good quality of the hub (webpage) will be good as scratch.

The next thing that is worth to note is that, you must create links directed to your other hub (webpage) that is relevant to the content of the later hub (webpage), this way; you will have more opportunity to earn.

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15 Responses to "How to Make Money on HubPages?"

  1. Bhushan says:

    Hey Rashmi,

    Thank you for the gesture,I appreciate your explanation. When you realize that you should be compensated for the value you bring to others, you will focus on building value. Money will result. Good luck with your work.

    My personal point of view about this issue is that is hub page has good content than , your webpage will have a higher rank.
    Bhushan recently posted..ERP Solutions CompaniesMy Profile

  2. John Ernest from MIT Houston Texas Engineering says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I was kind of getting tired of the writing jobs that I have been accepting. There are times that writer’s should have a break and relax for a bit to regain their mental drive to working. And if that doesn’t work, you simply have to change platforms to be more productive.

  3. PrIyAnGsHu from Money Earning Methods says:

    Hubpages is another great place to earn some extra money on the internet. It’s the best Adsense revenue sharing website I have ever been a part of.

  4. Why did I not know this before. Hubpages, I think is the solution to all my problems. I badly needed to make extra money. Voicing out my opinion about something and getting paid for it at the same time sounds really tempting.
    Wilson Wedlock recently posted..Don’t let the Penguin take you downMy Profile

  5. Trixie says:

    Wow this is another great article. And hubpages are very userfriendly too.
    Trixie recently posted..credit cards in singaporeMy Profile

  6. Guppu Boss from recover from penguin says:

    Hub Pages is good site to make money and the best thing is it is adsense revenue sharing. i posted one article on hub pages but they deleted it becuase they thing it is against their tos :(

  7. Maiah from Ochre House says:

    I had quite a few hubs at hubpages but wasn’t able to make money out of it because I had problems with my adsense account. Is there any other way on how to make money with hubs aside from adsense?

  8. Xi Sander says:

    I haven’t heard about Hubpages actually. Not until now. Doesn’t only gives you the opportunity to share your views, opinions, insights, facts but can help you earn money. Now this really convinced me. I better try signing up.

  9. Wow!! great post….. I love the way i earn from adsense through hubpage.
    Rohit Agarwal recently posted..Fastup WordPress Through Database CleanupMy Profile

  10. Mukesh from Online Ideas says:

    I just joined hubpages and created one hub. I’m going to continue writing and hope everything goes well and I earn from it. Is there there any to optimize hubs for SEO other than within the article.

  11. Marc from triphala churna benefits says:

    informative post. I think there are some changes regarding to hubpages. I’m not sure that changes are applied to affiliates. Anyway thanks for telling me this opportunity

  12. Leslie Edwards from how to make electronic music says:

    I thought hubpages didn’t allow affiliates? I’ll have to check this out I’ve been wanting to implement hubpages on my campaign
    Leslie Edwards@how to make electronic music recently posted..Learn How To DJ: Live TipsMy Profile

  13. Edward from Lego Storage says:

    Never thought this method existed. thank you so much for sharing.
    Edward@Lego Storage recently posted..BOX4BLOX Makes Entrepreneur.com Indie Merchant Holiday Gift GuideMy Profile

  14. Ashutosh says:

    nice post its good source of income and i really appreciate your article and love the way you explain it.
    thanks for sharing.

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