Facebook Home Review: “Not So Bad, Not So Good”


Talking about the Smartphones, users are more oriented towards the software and user experience than the hardware. We are not saying that, ignore the hardware configuration as it is only responsible for the smooth performance. You must have heard about the new home screen from Facebook called Home. Yes, it’s a silly way to limit the Android phone, but trust us, only for now. There’s not as much as a fine line. You know the phrase, “It’s so bad, and it’s good”. So is the case with Facebook new Home.




Facebook Home makes Facebook looks more beautiful than you’ve ever seen as this is inevitable by the manner, the most ugly photos looks impressive underneath your status on your lock screen. Just press on the background picture and it will come out as full view, so that now you can have the whole thing on your screen. Simply swipe your finger and you will have another update from your friend. Isn’t swiping very easy. Surveying that Facebook has now become compulsion in a device, you need to now just tab and a status to like it.


The above ease, clearly describes the purpose on which Home is developed. It wants users to engage with the social network more than ever before. It is a perfect thing for advertisement and users can now see their whole digital world through it.



It starts with your Cove feed, which carries off all the aesthetics confirmation on your News feed, along with which your cover pic is also displayed inside a bubble (quite funny), which will be the gateway to your app and messenger.




You must have seen the floating object on a slow river. Similarly, your photos, status update and other posts float by your screen randomly like a slow river. This idea of floating icon have surely been taken from Windows 8 phone, except that it takes up your entire screen.


The profile bubble slowly disappears as you move through the different posts. The pictures appearing in your feed are by default cropped. Tap on any of the feed and the profile bubble appears again. Long press the picture and you will have the full snap without any text laid on it.


Many a time a randomly liked a status, with the motive of bubble to show up.



It’s always delightful to have a messenger shortcut of your cover feed as it is the max time used app. But imagine as you replied to any text and back on the cover feed, then the last app is also a messenger, giving you two shortcuts for the same app.


Home has no widget support which takes up half the joy of Android. It looks rubbish with the status bar at the top but you can’t help it, as it tells you if anyone have sent you a mail or not. And if Facebook can make Android look as slick as bits of Home, that undoubtedly worked so well, then Google should be furious.

The first phone to ship with Facebook Home pre-installed, is the new HTC first smartphone.

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