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Protected: Head to Head Canvas HD and Titanium S5 competing to be best Indian Branded Android

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Why There Is No Need Of Manual Virus Scanning And When Do You Actually Need It?

All of us must be using an antivirus program which keeps on monitoring the threats to our system. They often warn to do a quick scanning as your computer might be having risk. Do you ...

Tips To Print To PDF In Windows

Seems like Windows have no interest in the documentation of PDF files and worried about their own Microsoft Office only. In windows 8 also they haven’t provided the support for printing ...

Cloud Gaming: Advantages & Disadvantages

  We all talk about Cloud Gaming endlessly this year, based on the idea that there is no longer need of the gaming consoles, with some really heavy and powerful graphics hardware. ...

The Best WordPress Plugins You Must Install

  Now you don’t have to change the entire programming of the WordPress, with the plugins available for it which allow easy modification, enhancement and customization to your ...

Getting Music On Your Android Phone Without iTunes

  We all know very well that iTunes can never sync your favourite music library to your Android device, thanks to the technology there are several ways you can transfer your music ...

Facebook Home Review: “Not So Bad, Not So Good”

  Talking about the Smartphones, users are more oriented towards the software and user experience than the hardware. We are not saying that, ignore the hardware configuration as ...

Why Should You Restrain Yourself from Upgrading to Windows 8

  You all must be using windows 8 for now, but if you ask any geek, he will say “What’s wrong with you guys?” yes we have the same expression. We still want to be with our ...

Micromax Launches the budget A72 Smartphone and the Funbook Talk P360 Tablet

  We all are aware of the launch of A72 Smartphone and Funbook Talk P360 Tablet at a very low budget. Both of the gadgets are easily available online or in any retailer shop. You ...

How to Know that the Platform you are Using is Open or Closed Source

  If we research about the Operating system of last few years, we will see that they are all closed system, which means after setup of your window, you may only install the softwares ...
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